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Kellie is a musician and emerging indie-pop artist from Nashville, Tennessee.  She has been studying music since she was six years old and writing songs since she was twelve. Now, she is making her mark on the Nashville pop scene with a style all her own marked by synthesizers, honest lyrics, and uncompromised creativity. No Country for New Nashville  called her music “expansive pop” and “a beautiful sonic panorama.”

Gearing up for more releases in 2019, Kellie has been busy writing and working in the studio. She also freelances as a keyboardist and vocal producer. Check out the remix EP of her debut album, "Fierce Landscapes,” out now wherever you listen to music.


“Each song on the Nashvillian’s debut EP is colored with emotional and spiritual experiences driven by Besch’s lyrical voice and producer Nathan Gamble’s production.” -- No Country for New Nashville (Nashville)

“Besch’s music is easy to relate to and introduces compelling lyrics and music with the twist of her specific, independent style.” -- The Remnant (Minneapolis)

“You’re in for an emotional roller coaster powered by Besch’s outstanding voice and lyrical prowess. This lady is the real deal.” -- The 507 (Rochester)



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